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Serving the area for over 20 years.


Amethyst By the Sea


Deep Healing Treatments

-Chi Nei Tsang Asian body therapy; Abdominal Massage $105

-Energy Medicine; Aura reading and Chakra balancing $115

-Cranial Sacral treatments $105

-Long Distance Energy Healing-Call for appointment $125

-Raindrop Therapy, essential oils massaged into the spine $95

Well Breast Massage and lymph drainage  $95

-Crystal Healing; laying crystals on and around the body  and on the chakras

to create opening, clearing and balancing of the aura $105

Massage and Spa Treatments

-Japanese foot and leg massage $50

60 Minute Full body Massage $90

-Lymph massage for detoxing and edema $95

Yasuragi; Hot oil, head and neck massage $75

-MELT Private instruction for Hands, Feet and Spine $75

-Kinesio Taping for sports or occupational injuries  $50

-Destiny and Love Card readings using the 52 card deck, based on the teachings of  Robert Lee Camp.

One hour session with 35 page report $150

Call to make a phone appointment 505 670-3538

Office in Bellingham, WA

office hours 10-6pm Monday-Saturday