Chi Nei Tsang

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Chi Nei Tsang treatments will calm and assist your digestion.  Visceral restrictions can be released for more ease of spinal movement.  Working gently on the belly, there are numerous applications for CNT including the lessening of pain, improved digestion, healing from surgery and the encouragement of detox. 

Chi Nei Tsang treatments last for approximately 60 minutes and are received while lying on top of an Amethyst Far Infrared Biomat.  Clients are fully clothed.  While Caryn releases restrictions and brings more vitality into the internal organs, clients typically are so relaxed that they fall to sleep on the massage table. 

Caryn has been a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and Senior Instructor for 20 years.  She recently published a book on CNT;  "The Mountain Path" Taoist Healing with Chi Nei Tsang, which can be ordered from Amazon or your local bookseller,  or by  phone 505 670-3538.