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Group Healing

Returns in the Fall of 2021

Connect with me in a relaxed supportive environment while you are infused with the frequencies of Nature. How does Nature express itself to you? How do you present yourself to Nature?

Nature is to the Earth as our Emotional Body is to our Physical Body. Nature is a dimension which holds a healing frequency for the Earth. Our physical body heals when our emotional body is clear and balanced. Earth can heal when Nature is given an opportunity to breathe.

I am offering monthly Group Healings over Zoom. Many years ago in Santa Fe, NM I opened the doors of White Cloud Institute twice a month for anyone who wanted to come into the space and experience a group healing. What that experience was for each person was very unique. I also experienced personal insights and profound healing and expanded meditations every time. One person from those early days has this to say “the group healings are a powerful vehicle for personal spiritual connection, revelation and transformation….for me, they were almost as potent as a one-on-one healing.”

During those one hour sessions I would open myself to Creation energies, inviting in the purifying energies of the elements and infusing creation energies into the space of the group for each person to receive what they needed. I had devoted several years to studying, understanding and communicating with the elements.

Now I am connecting with the pure healing essence of Nature. For the past few years I have been communing with Nature, it’s quiet immensity and its’ nourishing frequencies. I invite you to join me in the pure healing dimension of Nature.  Nature is Conscious and aware.  Re discover the natural healing vibration of Nature; the rhythm of your most healthy body. Each season is an expression of health. 

How to Prepare:

Please set aside a little more than one hour for each group healing experience. Set a space for yourself and anyone who is joining you. Light a candle, burn incense, turn off your cell phone (unless you are using the phone to connect on Zoom), and lock the door, or put up a do not disturb sign. You can sit or lay on the floor. Be comfortable, you may feel like stretching or moving at times, or just lying still in deep awareness. Have paper and pencil nearby in case you want to write afterwards. My co hostess and I will begin and end the hour with a simple verbal cuing. There may not be any talking after, or there may be some who want to share.

You may leave the Zoom call at any time, and if you like you may connect with me later. I will have everyone muted during the group time, until the end, so that there will not be sound coming from individual rooms. I may not be able to converse afterwards as I am in a very expanded state of consciousness where words do not exist, but my co hostess WILL be there as a witness for you.

You may register via PayPal at [email protected]

The fee for each session is $15.

I will send you the Zoom ID link after you have registered.